Research Laboratories of the Statistics Department

Undergraduate Statistics Lab


The Department of Statistics Lab is located at the 3rd floor of the Antoniadou wing. Undergraduate students, postgraduate students, as well as faculty members of the Department can use this lab.

The lab operates all weekdays, from 9am to 20:30pm.

In this lab there are currently 4 SUN workstations, 1 UPC, 1 IBM server, 50 pc workstations that consist a local network, 3 printers, 1 scanner, 1 projector and CD-RW. There is internet access, as well as access to the central University system.

There are many seminars that take place in this lab, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Laboratorial Staff:  Nikolaos Moraitis ( Telephone:210 - 8203162




Postgraduate Statistics Lab


The postgraduate Statistics Lab is located at 47 Evelpidon and Lefkados 33 str, on the 2nd floor. The lab is used by postgraduate students, PhD candidates and faculty members of the Department. 

There are currently 22 pc workstations, comprising a local network, 1 printer and projector. There are 4 pc’s connected to the internet.

Postgraduate students and PhD candidates can use this lab for their research. PC’s are equipped with many statistical packages, word processors, databases, etc.

There are also seminars that take place in this lab, as well as and postgraduate courses.

Laboratorial Staff: Tatiana Mihou (

Telephone:210 - 8203863